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(This more of a historical record. It is provided here to give you some ideas of what we do. Meetings of every Toward Community subcommittee are not listed)

January 6 – Hispanic Interagency meeting.  Several members of Toward Community attend this once a month meeting regularly.

January 16– 9th Annual Martin Luther King Celebration held – Melvene Coney keynote speaker; Teresa Castillo Unity Award Winner; 500 attendance

January 19 – Regular Monthly meeting, 7:30AM.  General discussion.

January 20 – Hmong Interagency meeting.  Several members of Toward Community attend this once a month meeting regularly.  Scott attends throughout the year as the representative for The Arc and Toward Community.

January 23 – Presentation to: Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship for 200 people.  Given by: Kathy Jorstad, Scott Peeples, Jane La Chappelle Mc Carty, Paul Zilles  Topic: Mission of Toward Community and why we are involved. 

February 1 – Presentation to: Appleton Downtown Rotary for 300 people. Given by: Scott Peeples, 2000 Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay contest winners sponsored by Toward Community. Topic: Diversity in the Valley MLK event

February 16 – Regular Monthly Meeting 7:30AM.  Election of 2000 Officers.  After serving as Chair for six years, Scott Peeples  asked to be appointed to a different role so he can spend more time on family.  Kathy Jorstad was elected new Chair.  The Policy Creation Committee was formed to deal with issues in our community.  Concerns about appropriate response to two white supremacist workers at Ameritech brought this resolution to the table.  Also, Dani Chausee appointed as Editor for newsletter.

February 26 – Co-Sponsor African Heritage’s Black History Month celebration at UW-Fox Valley

February 29 – Toward Community posts a response to the revelation on 2/12 that Ameritech has two white supremacists as managers over certain minority employees.  This was published as a Guest Viewpoint in the Post Crescent and was written by Scott and Kathy.  Articles in the Post Crescent and Milwaukee Journal followed this story for a while after the story broke. 

March 1 – Ameritech meeting with Kate Dugan, Ameritech External Relations Representative, Kathy Jorstad-Fredericks, Pastor Manns, and Jane Lynch (African Heritage) to discuss mending of relations between those in diversity and management at Ameritech. 

March 8 – Meeting with Ameritech’s Human Resource Manager, Camile Clinton,  Julenne Baldwin, General Manager and Kathy, Scott, Jane, and Pastor Manns of TC.  Ameritech agreed to start posting all cultural events provided by TC.  Ameritech agreed to distribute an open letter to all employees about diversity in the Fox Valley.  Ameritech agreed to establish employee networks/advocacy groups.  All representatives from Ameritech agreed to aggressively ensure that employees needs were now being heard.

March 15 – Regular Monthly Meeting 7:30AM – General updates about Ameritech and Committee reports.

March 24, 2000 - Presentation to: Fifth Graders at Haen Elementary School in Kaukauna for 50 people. Given by: Scott Peeples. Topic: Diversity in the Valley and how to make a difference.

March 27 – Executive Committee meets and along with general discussion decides that in order to become more active with our gay and lesbian community, we need to meet with gay/lesbian advocates to find out their needs. 

March 30 – Presentation to: Einstein Middle School Diversity Club for 12 people. Given by: Scott Peeples. Topic: Challenges to diversity/T.C. Mission 

April 7 – A dinner in honor of Scott and Mary Peeples was given for Toward Community members by Jane La Chapelle Mc Carty.  Scott was given an inscribed clock to thank him for his years of service as Chairman of Toward Community.

April 11 – Presentation to: Fox Cities Leadership Class-Diversity Day for 100 people. Given by: Kathy Jorstad-Fredericks. Topic: TC Mission.  Panel presentation given by Toward Community members: Kathy Jorstad-Fredericks, Jane La Chapelle McCarty, Shannon Kenevan, Pastor G. Manns, Pam Vang, Debra Westenberger on their experiences in the Fox Valley.

April 14 – Chair, Kathy joins the GLBT partnership and starts attending their meetings.

April 19 – Regular Monthly Meeting 7:30AM – General discussion.  Special guest and new member, Shannon Kenevan & student Casey talked about the GLBT Partnership.  A support group for gay/lesbian or questioning teens.

April 21 & 27 – Articles in the Post Crescent alert Toward Community that William Cheslock is accused of a hate crime against a man he believed to be Jewish.   Preliminary hearing set for June.

April 24 – Picnic Committee meets to start planning 2000 Picnic.  Several follow-up meetings occur, but are not listed in these notes.  Jane La Chapelle & Dianne Beyer are Chairs for this committee.

April 25 – Kathy, Scott, & Judy Gaines met with members of Memorial Presbyterian to help plan the Morris Dees presentation and Diversity week planned for October.  The Morris Dees Planning Committee met several times for the planning of this event.

April 26 – Kathy joins the United Migrant Opportunity Services Scholarship committee and attends the first meeting of several to help plan the awarding the UMOS scholarships and the Latino Scholarship Festival at UW-Fox Valley in August. 

May 1 – Letter written by Rabbi Rotenberg and Kathy was published in the Post Crescent to the victims of the Cheslock crime.

May 6 – Toward Community hosts a booth for Healthy Kids Day at the YMCA.

May 6 – Toward Community members host various Circle Dinners at different homes to help members get to know each other better.

May 17 – Toward Community regular meeting 7:30AM.  General committee reports.  Special guest Henry Golde, Holocaust survivor, came and spoke with us about his experiences.  Henry learned of Toward Community through our public response regarding the Cheslock hate crime.  Henry joins Toward Community and helps advise us regarding this crime.  Members plan to attend the preliminary hearing for Cheslock on June 23.

May 20 – Toward Community hosts a booth for the Kimberly Clark Women’s Network Community Fair. 

June 13 – Toward Community members work with Community Foundation to bring a  nonprofit seminar about the Hmong in our community to the Fox Valley at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

June 21 – Toward Community regular meeting.  This was our first evening meeting at 6:00PM.  General Committee reports.  Ram Shet accepts the role as Chair of the Foods of All Nations Committee.  The FAN Committee meets several times planning the October event.

June 23 – Toward Community members attended the court hearing of William Cheslock.  Trial was set for a future date.  TC’s goal to educate community regarding bigotry, racism, and anti-Semitism is boosted by press coverage.  Front page article featuring many members of Toward Community and our reaction to this case. 

July 19 – Toward Community regular meeting at 7:30AM.  General Committee reports.  Discussion focused on the upcoming picnic and Cheslock trial.  It was decided to rotate our meetings from morning to evening every other month.

July 24 – Presentation to: Holiday Inn Select staff, Appleton for 100 people. Given by: Scott Peeples. Topic: Sensitivity/acceptance/diversity in the Valley

July 29 – Seventh Annual Toward Community Celebrate Diversity Picnic was held at Erb Park with over 200 people attending.  

August 10 – Executive Committee Meeting  - Discussion about 501c3 status, possible future staff position, speaker fees, Foods of All Nations, payment of performers.  Special guests from various Gay/Lesbian organizations met with Toward Community to discuss their needs.  Motion was passed that Toward Community will be intentionally welcoming of the GLBT community.  In the past, we only focused on race/religion issues. 

August 12 – UMOS Latino Festival – Toward Community Co-sponsors this event and members of Toward Community help with this event.  Toward Community hosts an information booth.  Three scholarships were given to Latino college-bound youth.  Positive press coverage.

August 16 – Toward Community regular meeting at 6:30PM.  General discussion.  Newly formed Youth Task Group was announced.  This group later folds into the Harmony Café project.

August 23 – Toward Community is alerted about a hate group coming to Amherst, WI (Waupaca area).  Discussion about planning a protest begins.

August 29 – Members of TC get together at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship to make posters for upcoming protest.  Front page positive article in the Post Crescent about TC and our efforts. 

September 1 – Protest in Amherst, Wisconsin.  Scriptures for America, known hate group, comes to Waupaca area.  50 people from Toward Community and area churches stand to rally against racism and homophobia. 

September 2 – Front page Post Crescent article about ‘Confronting Hate’ appears.  Follow-up letters and articles appear for the next few weeks.

September 7 – Toward Community’s first official office opens a 911 North Lynndale!  The NE Fair Housing Council donates an office space for our use.  Kathy Fredericks agrees to devote volunteer time to the office every week.  This new office gives TC chance to work with other individuals who work with Civil Rights issues in our community.  We now share office equipment with staffers at Fair Housing.

September 11 – Presentation to: Leadership Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce at Pioneer Inn-Oshkosh for 60 people. Given by: Kathy Jorstad-Fredericks. Topic: Leadership, diversity, and Toward Community.

September 13 – The Martin Luther King Celebration committee starts meeting to plan the 2001 event.  This committee will meet several times within the next few months.  Not all meetings are listed.  Tim Gibson is Chair.

September 14 – Kathy meets with Mark Zimmerman of Thompson Community Center to discuss diversity outreach with senior citizens.

September 19 – Presentation to: Faith ChildCare Center staff, Appleton. Given by: Kathy Jorstad-Fredericks Topic: Teaching Tolerance to children.

September 20 – Regular Toward Community meeting at 7:30AM – General discussion about protest, upcoming Hate Crime trial, and Diversity Week in October featuring Morris Dees. 

October 3 – Presentation to: Positive Voice, Inc., Green Bay for approximately 20 people. Given by: Kathy Jorstad-Fredericks. Topic: Toward Community and the gay/lesbian community.

October 9 & 10 – William Cheslock trial.  Members of Toward Community attend this trial.  Henry Golde is asked to address the judge at sentencing on the damage of hate crimes.  Cheslock is found not guilty of a hate crime, but guilty of disorderly conduct.  A member of the jury calls Golde to apologize.  Post Crescent covers the story with quotes from TC.

October 16 – Presentation to: LIONS Club - Fox Valley, Appleton for approximately 50 people. Given by: Kathy Jorstad-Fredericks. Topic: Toward Community and diversity in the valley

October 18 – Panel discussion to: Goodwill and United Way. Kathy Jorstad-Fredericks. Topic: How agencies in the valley are doing to support diversity.

October 18 – Regular Toward Community meeting at 6:30PM.  General discussion.  Main topic: Our response to discrimination being fostered by Boy Scouts against gay scouts and leaders.

October 24 – Toward Community Executive Committee meets.

October 25 – Morris Dees, Executive Director of the Southern Poverty Law Center spoke at Appleton West on ‘Hope & Tolerance for the New Millennium’  800 people attended.  Toward Community are co-sponsors of this event, main sponsor is Memorial Presbyterian.  Post Crescent covered the event and NBC 26 interviewed Mr. Dees and Kathy Fredericks about hate groups and hate crimes in NE Wisconsin.

October 26 – Toward Community’s Executive Committee and the Appleton Police Department has a breakfast meeting with Mr. Dees to discuss our mission and future goals.

October 26 – Fox Valley community at Community Leaders' Forum for approximately 100 people. Introduction given by: Kathy Jorstad-Fredericks.  Panel member presentation:  Scott Peeples, Pastor Manns, Chief Myers, Dr. Bola Delano-Orian and other community leaders. Topic: Diversity in the Valley.  Great coverage by Post Crescent and Time Warner Cable.

October 28 – Shannon Kenevan holds an informational forum at Boys & Girls Club about the new Harmony Café.  A new Executive Committee is formed for Harmony Café.  Shannon is Chair for the Executive Committee and Kathy Fredericks is Chair for Public Relations Committee.  Harmony Café will be a diversity coffeehouse for teens/young adults.  Plans are to open fall 2001 on College Avenue.

October 28 – Foods of All Nations is a big success at Menasha High School.  Over 400 people in attendance.  Wonderful food and great cultural entertainment.  Ram Shet Chairs the FAN 2000 Comm. 

November 1 – Presentation to Lutheran Social Services given by Scott Peeples and Tony Gonzalez about working with diversity and sensitivity to diversity.  Inservice for 15 people.

November 1 – The Scene does its November feature article on ‘The Seeds of Hate’.  Good press for Toward Community.

November 6 – Toward Community response/opinion about Boy Scout discrimination appears in the Post Crescent, written by Kathy.  Boy Scout articles and letters begin to appear. 

November 13 – Panel presentation to: University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley for approximately 100 people. Given by: Kathy Jorstad-Fredericks from TC and other community people. Topic: Hate Crime Legislation

November 15 – Regular Toward Community meeting.  General discussion.

November 16 – Presentation given by Scott Peeples to the Volunteer Action Council about diversity in the valley and tips to working with diverse groups.  35 people.

November 16 – Policy Committee meets and designs a new policy for Toward Community to follow when issues of discrimination are brought to our attention.  Boy Scouts are discussed further.  This policy will be approved at the January 2001 meeting.

November 16 – Kathy Fredericks, Jeff Kuepper, and Tim Gibson from Toward Community meet with Susan Mitalus, Wisconsin Research Center, to help organize Gay/Lesbian Rights seminar in the valley.

November 28 – Video showing of Hate.com, an HBO special featuring Morris Dees, is shown for Toward Community members. 

December 4 & 12 – Kathy meets with PR Committee for Harmony Café and members from Appleton Police to help promote this new diversity idea in downtown Appleton.  Many of the meetings for this group are not listed.

December 14 – Discrimination Policy Committee meets to finalize proposal for TC members at January meeting.

December 14 – Harmony Café Committee meets. Shannon Kenevan, Kathy Fredericks, and Bruce Lathrop from Toward Community are active members of this committee.

December 14 – Kathy Fredericks and Renae Belknap join in meetings with Girl Scouts to help them evaluate their diversity initiatives within their organization.  This is part of their review of the entire organization.  Girl Scouts takes a very proactive and sensitive approach to diversity.  TC is glad to be a part of this process.

December 15 – Toward Community Holiday Dinner party at Sairam’s in Appleton.  40 people in attendance.  No TC Regular meeting this month due to the holidays.

December 19 – Calumet County meets to adopt a resolution making it an English Only county.  A reporter calls Kathy for TC’s response.  Chief Rick Myers and the ACLU send letters as well.  Calumet County decides to table this resolution after further study.