Community Conversations

What Are Community Conversations?

One of the many offerings of the non-profit Celebrate Diversity Fox Cities (CDFC) are small group circle discussions called community conversations. Led by pairs of our dozens of trained volunteer facilitators, community conversation groups discuss a variety of diversity topics using curriculum from Facilitators remain neutral when guiding the groups. We partner with organizations to customize the questions and activities to fit the needs of the organization and our community. We work with staffs of businesses and non-profits, students, parents, and the general public. Please contact us if you are interested in participating as an individual, partnering with us as an organization, or would like more information.

Why Hold Community Conversations?

We seek to bring diverse people together for respectful, honest dialogue on timely issues to promote understanding. In a democracy, successful resolution of concerns can be more fully achieved when people take an active part in looking for ways to help our community thrive.

Bridging the Political/ Ideological Divide

Next Sessions: May 2023!

How do our identities shape our experiences?

Coming Soon!

What does it mean to be included?

Coming Soon!

Participant Comments:

“What a terrific opportunity!” 

“Format was excellent, good group!” 

“As a community we still have a long way to go.”

“It was all beneficial- also hearing personal stories and experiences.” 

“The scope of diversity. We may offend without knowing due to lack of knowledge.”

“Thank you for raising awareness in our community.”

“Your assumptions based on your experiences may be mistaken.” 

“Awesome presentation! Opened my eyes.”

Collaborating Organizations: